Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Like Mother...

We had our first big ultrasound yesterday.

The baby thought it would be funny to try to swim away from the ultrasound lady.

My mom told me that I used to do that. Whenever the doctor was trying to find me I'd move around and hide from him. So after chasing down my baby for a bit, the ultrasound tech was able to get a good view of most things. She wasn't able to get a good look at the bottom of the spine though, and my stubborn child decided that after playing tag with the ultrasound tech that it would just hang out in one spot.

They had me pee, they had me walk around, and they had me fold my legs up to my chest in a ball in order to coax the baby out of that spot. Nope, baby was not moving. They had me go eat something and come back 30 min later, and sure enough baby was in the same exact spot.

The ultrasound tech had me rolling around on the ultrasound table, and was even poking at me with the ultrasound wand. The baby would not be moved. They think they got enough shots to hopefully piece together what they need; otherwise I'll have to go back and hope the baby will be more cooperative.

However before the baby decided to camp out in one spot despite our best efforts to move it, they were able to get a good look at its reproductive parts.

It's a girl!!!! And what a mule she is already. We are in for a wild ride, that’s for sure!


Heather and Spencer said...

Yay! Ry is gonna have a new girlfriend! Congrats!

Scott & Audrey said...

Oh your baby sounds just like Charlotte was. Except we couldn't even get a sure shot of a girl so you're lucky! Every time I bought some girly thing I kept thinking I was cursing myself and it'd come out a boy. I got lucky. I'm so glad you're having a girl! When I have money again I'm so going shopping! And hopefully Ashley will be getting married before you have the baby so I can hand deliver your gifts! Yay! I can't wait to come to cali!

Kaye said...

NAMES???? I want names!!!

Jody C. said...

Yes Name and I can't wait to see her!!