Thursday, January 21, 2010

If you Can't Beat Em...

It's no secret that Jimmy is a bit of a video game nut. He has a talent for stuff like that. I guess it's the hand eye coordination thing?

I've tried to play with him before and I couldn't even get my guy out of the corner! There are too many buttons on controllers now! Anyhow I always end up getting shot mercilessly while I'm stuck facing a wall and can't even see my attackers. Not so much fun in my opinion.

But earlier this month I mentioned that I think I'd like a Wii, so for our anniversary a couple of weeks ago guess what I got! Yay!

Playing on the Wii doesn't seem as complex as playing Call of Duty ( or in my case attempting to play Call of Duty). Plus, this is something I figured we could do together. And get some exercise while we are at it! In my mind video games have always seemed like a waste of time...but I don't mind wasting time reading a book. Or watching TV for that matter. Or sleeping. Is this so different?

Granted Jimmy is much better than me at every game we play...again with that hand eye coordination thing. We tried to play some Wii sports thing this weekend and it was almost laughable. I just got reamed at every game we played. Maybe I just need some practice?

Last night we played the new Super Mario Brothers and it was so fun! We had a great time. And I didn't get stuck in any corners. Not that I didn't die over and over and over again, but at least I could see who was killing me this time!

Jimmy and I don't have a ton in common hobby wise (we knew this from square one so no surprise there) so it's really nice to have something that we can do together and both be enjoying.

Too bad we can't both be cleaning, or exercising together instead and enjoying that... Oh well, you can't have everything!


Scott & Audrey said...

I want a wii so bad! Maybe later this year for Christmas. I want the biggest loser game. But you're good at video games! Remember spring break! Where all we did was sit in our pj's and play super mario bros on the super nintendo. Those were the days. By the way your cat is so cute! I want to see her when I come out for Ash's wedding.

RubinVoelker said...