Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5 Months Down

So time just keeps trudging on! I've gone to the Dr every week for about 1 month now, and so far the baby's heart beat has been fine 3 times, and jumping like crazy 2 times. I'm wondering how long this weekly visiting will continue...hopefully if the heart beat is fine again next week not too much longer. This is another time where I can see how it would be much easier to be a housewife while pregnant!

I was offered the opportunity to go to Tokyo for a few days, all expenses paid back in September. Finally a perk of being a travel agent! Of course me being travel starved I jumped on that! I got my passport all ready and patiently awaited my travel dates. Well, they finally came! Middle of February it looks like.

And, well I’m not going anymore. Yes I was still planning on going if my Dr. said it was ok. I know it sounds crazy...but this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. And they say the 2nd trimester is the best time to travel right? I mean people run marathons while they are pregnant! I had barely gotten the story out today before my Dr said "Nope". No way, not a good idea (I can hear my Mom breathing a sigh of relief as she too was less than thrilled with this idea).

I figured the Dr. might say something like that. With all that's gone on, I guess it is better to be safe than sorry. At least now I have my passport ready to go if something like this ever pops up again (and say I'm not 5 months pregnant).

I'm still wearing my normal clothes...well at least trying to anyway. I'm using all sorts of safety pins and hair ties to keep my pants together. My shirts are getting shorter and shorter I've realized. Ones that used to be nice and long are now not so much. I think it might be time to hit up the maternity section!

Our baby still doesn't have a name. I have one name in mind I like, and some people agree, and others don't. Unfortunately one who doesn't agree is my husband. Curse. I have a feeling this poor child will be "baby girl Cuillard" until they force us to name her at the hospital.

I often find myself sitting and just thanking the Lord that I don't throw up all the time anymore. With the exception of my stomach bug, it had been like a month. Whew! It feels so great to be able to eat, I'll never take that for granted again!

Lastly, I built Mitzie a kitty jungle gym for Christmas. The assembly was a bit challenging, but I figured it out all by myself. I am woman, hear me roar!

She loves it in those cubbies. When she is hiding in there if I walk by she will jump out at me. I think she thinks she is being sneaky and that I can't see her in there.

A girl I work with knows I love to dress my cat up (yes I'm one of those people), so she gave me a cat sunhat for Christmas! I love it! We strapped it on Mitz, and well she was patient with it for a little bit before she used her paws and pulled it right off. It's still a little too big for her, so maybe once summer gets here it will fit on her better. Then my baby, my cat and I can all wear sunhats together! Yay!


Heather and Spencer said...

Liz, you are one of those pet owners I make fun of! And as far as naming goes...good luck! We were pretty much forced to name Ry at the hospital. He was baby boy talley for a couple days! The nurses would ask us a few times a day if we were ready to fill out the birth certificate yet! Oh well, you will eventually agree on a name!

Megan said...

I love reading your posts. You are such a talented writer....and it is nice to get an update after playing phone tag for a week! I am glad to hear things are going well. I got excited when I saw you posted pictures, hoping you would have snuck one in of yourself, but that's okay. I am sure you will come up with a name - and it will be adorable! Oh and I am glad you are staying here and not traveling - I am so with your mom on that sigh of relief thing! Miss you!