Monday, September 28, 2009

Fight On!

Being that I'm a sports fan you'd think that I've been to many sporting events right? Well I've been to a baseball game, and well yep that's it. No basketball, no hockey no soccer. Just baseball. Granted baseball is my favorite sport, but I'm always looking to expand my horizons.

Well I got the opportunity on Saturday night to go to a USC football game. For free. Yes those really are the best kind. Robbie got 3 free tickets so Robbie Jimmy and I headed down to the Coliseum.

Now, I'm not going to pretend to be the biggest USC fan. I liked them in the early 2000's but in more recent years it just seems like the kick the crap out of everyone and I'm one who roots for the underdog. But jeez going to a USC game can make you change your mind if that's the case.

We arrived at the Coliseum around 6:00 or so, with just enough time to take in the sites. And boy were their sights! So much food, so many people, so much maroon and gold. We got into the stadium and I could not believe where our seats were!

It was like we were on the field! We ate and cheered and yelled o plenty. I think I heard the USC fight song about 100 times. Or more. I went in being so so about USC and came out a fan! In that kind of atmosphere you can't help but get swept up in it. Of course they won (no surprise there) so the whole place was having a great time. I'm not sure I'll ever make it back to a USC Football game, but I hope I do because I had a great time!

Ok so I thought I was going to go a whole blog without talking about my cat. But I can't, I just love her! Everyone else talks about their kids and well I don't have one of those right now so here is the latest with Mitzie:

Looking at the picture below you'd think she was desperately trying to escape the clutches of my friend Tessa! But she's loving this. If you put her on her back and start rubbing her chin and neck she does this. She stretches out until she looks like super kitty trying to fly away. She is such a nut!

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Megan said...

Fight On my friend - and welcome to the fan club!! I can suck you in sometimes. I am glad you got to go to a game...more than I can say for myself!