Thursday, October 22, 2009

Times, they are a Changing

It's been a while and we have some updates in the house.

First, Jimmy got a new car! Well new to him car. Bless his heart he has always always driven a crap car. And his good old Thunderbird from the early 1900's (ok it's not that old, but pretty old) was a ticking time bomb.

Every time we got in the car we never knew what we were going to get! Maybe it would start, maybe it wouldn't. Maybe it would run, maybe it wouldn't. I guess it kept things exciting! But anyhow it has long been since time to put that thing out to pasture, so on Monday Jimmy got a 2007 Mazda 6.

It's black with tan interior and it looks pretty sweet. I have to say. He looks pretty sweet in it. It only has 8k miles on it and so far is a dream. I can't think of anyone who deserves to actually drive a decent looking/working car more than my poor husband.

Second, my cat is huge! Or she seems huge to me. We've had her over 1 month now and it's been an experience. She doesn't sleep through the night quite as nicely as she once did. No howling or anything, but I'll wake up at 2am to hear her playing with the blinds or something.

This does not please me and she and her cat box get the boot out of our room it times like that. She seems to have endless amounts of energy, who knows where it comes from. Her Meow Mix must be doing her good or something.

Third, I'm pregnant. Yep, I like how I just tossed that one in there! No, I'm not kidding. After almost 4 years of marriage we decided it was time to start a family.

We didn't have to try for too long, but I should have figured that one. It's not like there is a shortage of Cuillards or anything. Still I thought it might take a while. Nope, guess not.

So you can just lump me in with the 100 other people pregnant right now ( I really think it must be in the water) I'm just about 10 weeks along and good gosh has it been a battle. I'm not sure my body was made to be pregnant because it has been anything but pleasant.

When I took the pregnancy test I was home alone with my cat ( FYI we did not know we were pregnant when we got her!) and I just started sobbing. I was excited but I won't lie my first thought was "what are we going to do" and I was scared to death. I'm still scared to death, but am too busy focusing on not puking to think about that now.

Sure enough week 6 hit and things got ugly real quick. Morning sickness would be nice, how about all day sickness? I had/have my head in the toilet, 3, 4 I think even 5 times a day. I've had every symptom that there is so far. You know what they are, I don't need to get into the details but they are not fun. Every time I find myself in the bathroom I pray pray pray that this goes away at 12 weeks. I don't think I'll make it if it doesn't. So far this olive sized baby is looking like it’s going to be an only child at this point!.

I've thrown up in a Burger King bathroom, my office bathroom, a Wal-Mart bathroom my car (luckily had a barf bag on hand) and my bathroom (about 40 times or so I'd say). I'm thinking maybe I should make a game out of it, how many places can I throw up in?

We go in for our first ultrasound on Monday, and they should be able to find the heartbeat and everything. I'm excited for that and hopefully some words of wisdom from the doctor on how to manage this lovely time I'm having.

I'm more than open to ideas and suggestions from anyone out there. I'll just about try anything at this point (and probably have tried everything but we'll see). If you are one of those who threw up 1 time and otherwise breezed right through pregnancy with no trouble what so ever feel free to keep that to yourself because I don't want to hear about it!

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Jessica said...

That's great Liz! Congrats on the baby!