Monday, September 21, 2009


We've had Mitzie for a week now. It has been mostly fun, but jeez it's like having a furry child sometimes! She is feeling more comfortable at home and has started doing some strange things. She gets under her cat bed and pushes it around the house for example.

I kept seeing her bed in strange places and couldn't figure out how she was doing it. Well now I know.

Her toys kept disappearing too. She has this mouse that makes noise when she bats at it and one day I heard it under our bed. I looked under the bed and it was like a mountain of toys! So that is where they all went...

She has figured out how to open doors if they aren't closed all the way. I guess it was only a matter of time until that one happened. She has learned to fear the squirt bottle and knows that means she is in trouble. I just show it to her and she runs off and hides.

She follows you around all over the house. She likes to be around people. If there is no one in a room with her, she will find the room you are and come join you. I do like this quality. The last thing I wanted was a cat that hid under the bed all day. The kind where the only way you know they are even still alive is if you see food missing from the dish and poops in the litter box. What’s the point of even having a pet then?

On Saturday I started on the long yet rewarding road of attempting to train her. Yes you can train cats, just like you train a dog. We are working on the command "come", so she will come on cue. Next is to "sit".

It's the same basic principal, you use food to get them to do what you want. Then you reward them. Well she comes just fine when she knows I have treats. She comes before I even have to say come. Yesterday she did actually come when I told her to without treats.

But then a few hours later I told her to come and she looked at me and ran off. Hmmmm... Guess she may not be the kitty phenom I hoped she would be. I am bound and determined though so eventually she will come when I say!

She has decided that we should wake up at 7am everyday. As you can imagine, this pleases Jimmy immensely. She doesn't meow or anything ( she still doesn't make a peep) but she starts rubbing her little kitten body against my head until I pet her. If I pet her she will lay down and be fine. If I don't pet her she will go between me and Jimmy until one of us gives in and pays attention to her.

All and all she is still a hoot and completely entertaining to watch. I love her to death, but if she thinks I'm never sleeping past 7am again she has got another thing coming!


Megan said...

Sounds like a furry child to me! Waking up early, hiding under the bed, responding to treats, hoarding toys, moving furniture! Can't wait to meet her!

Jody C. said...

awww the joys of having a pet...she seems like a dog who hides everything. glad your having fun!

Robbie said...

This little turd ball!! She is psycho!