Saturday, April 12, 2014

Paranoia, Paranoia

I wouldn't consider myself a huge worry wart. Do I worry about things? Yes, I definitely do. But who doesn't right? I'm not the most easy going of people on the planet, but I'm not strung high as a kite either. I'm a middle of the road worrier. A medium sized worry wart if you will.

But I find myself being paranoid recently. After the Brynlee almost dying at 2 moths incident I've decided to be a little more cautious with Claire. As I've previously posted I don't take her out very often at all, and if we do she is in her car seat covered up and shielded from the world. But now that she is a 1 month old I've considered letting her out of quarantine.

However after watching the news the other night and seeing that a case of measles has been identified in Maricopa county ( which is the county I live in) I started thinking otherwise. This case was identified a good 30 min away from me, so not really a big deal right? Then I started reading about how you can catch's like a scene out of the movie contagion!

-it's airborne
-it's so contagious that the virus can literally live in the air for hours after the person who is carrying it is no longer present
-someone can be carrying it for up to 4 days before exhibiting any symptoms
- babies ( great!) and young children ( great!) are most susceptible to long term effects and even death from contracting measles

Then I read where this person who was confirmed to have measles in my county has been before they exhibited any symptoms. Oh just the phoenix airport! Probably the worst place ever for someone with a highly contagious disease to have been. This person also attended church services at a LDS building and ate in a restaurant.

Well you can just call Claire Anne Frank because I'm not taking her out EVER! 

OK that's a little dramatic, Claire will leave the house again eventually. But as far as going to places with droves of people not anytime soon if I can avoid it all. Looks like she will be in quarantine for a little while longer!


sptalley said...

Better safe than sorry, right? I am one of the crazy ones who doesn't take my babies out till they are 6 weeks old. But if there is an outbreak of something in your area, definitely play it safe!

Audrey Spence said...

I'm pretty sure I have had my babies with me at WalMart (that's real safe!) within a few days of being born. And Charlotte was born during the whole swine flu thing. My brother actually joked around and on the whiteboard in my room at the hospital. Where its says "goals for the day" he wrote down "don't get swine flu." The nurses got a kick out of that. I probably should be more paranoid sometimes. I get really annoyed at people that don't get vaccinations especially for their kids. There is a reason modern medicine developed these! Duh people! But if it makes you feel any better I had a reaction to my measles shot when I was little and broke out all over but ended up being fine... well "fine" in the sense of being healthy :)

Sarah said...

I don't blame you at all! That is crazy!