Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Struggle and a Run

I started thinking the other day about struggles.

Everyone struggles, and everyone struggles with different things. Does that mean one person's struggles are worse than someone else's? I'm not sure. Really no one can be the judge of that. Because unless you've experienced the exact same thing as someone, you can't know what they are going through. And you can't really experience the exact same thing as someone because you aren't that person. You don't handle things the same way that person does. You don't have the same history as that person.

My point is I think we should stop one upping our woes. I mean what does trying to prove that your struggle is worse than someone else's accomplish anyway? Besides making you feel worse in the end. I think we should try to swing the other way. No matter how bad things are, they can always get worse. No matter how dark things are there is a positive aspect somewhere. Like my last fun fact said, if you make over $21,000 per year you are among the richest 4% on the planet. Ok, so we are rich! Woo hoo! It's all about perspective.

I have some startling news. I'm running. Me. Actually running. I'm training for a 5K. And yes I DO need to train for a 5k. That's how out of shape/suck at running I am. I know most people could probably roll out of bed and run 3.1 miles ( because that's how long a 5k is in case you didn't know) with the greatest of ease. Running has never been my thing so the fact that I'm running by choice is quite a feat. Since it's getting hot here quickly, all the 5ks are in May and then there aren't any again until Sept/Oct. I won't be ready by May. I did just have a baby after all. And am recovering from not really exercising for the past 10 months. So Sept/Oct will be the goal. Hopefully by then I'll be one of those people who can run 3.1 miles with the greatest of ease. Or at least someone who can stagger across the finish line

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Audrey Spence said...

I would so run with you. I live in a family of marathoners! My mother in law has run marathons (doesn't anymore because of her knees), my father in law has ran probably like 40 or more marathons in his life and runs every single day (except Sundays), my brother in law has done one with 2 more planned this year, and my sister in law is running her first next month. I am very slow. I can do a 5k in like 40 min I think. Haha! Yeah, someday I'll get better. I'm not a huge fan of running but I do run a bit. I have no desire to do a race but with I had a running buddy. Wish you lived closer! Good luck training. You can totally do it. I started out just running two minutes and walking one until my stamina increased. Then I would run like a full mile, no walking. Then just increase it a half a mile each time. I was amazed how quickly I could get up to 3 miles and not feel so winded. Then I got sick for like a month and a half and it was downhill from there. Working back to it now! :)