Friday, February 1, 2013

Test Day

As my state board test rapidly approached I felt all sorts of emotions. Dread, nerves, excitement. Sometimes I'd feel like I was going to pass just fine, then I'd feel like there was no way I was going to pass.

To say I put a lot of time into studying and effort into this is a huge understatement. I paid a private tutor, I spent hours and hours going over the material. Yesterday was the big day.

So of course that means that Tuesday night I woke up with a nice case of food poisoning! I spent all day Wednesday in a ball begging for mercy. Great! On Wednesday night I started feeling a little better. I didn't sleep at all on Tuesday night because I was dying, and on Wednesday night I was too nervous to really fall asleep and stay asleep.

(On a side note, I used to be the best sleeper. I always felt bad for those people who had to take medication to sleep, or had sleep issues. Now I am one of those people. By the time I finally fall asleep I can never stay asleep and it sucks really bad.)

Luckily for me, 3 other girls from my class had the same test date so I wasn't alone. We had to be to the testing facility by 6:45am. We had to do our practical part first, which is where you have to perform procedures in front of an instructor. There were about 32 people there total, 8 groups of 4. Each group of 8 was in a separate room together and had 1 instructor. I walked into my room and saw that my instructor was not all about warm and fuzzies. She was stone faced and didn't smile one time. I was a big ball of nerves, fatigue and pressure. I kept dropping my comb, dropping my clips. Just dropping things. It was almost comical. A couple of the procedures I didn't even get to finish. Luckily I wasn't the only one, but still. I left that part of the test not feeling real great.

The next part of the test was the written part. You'd be surprised what cosmetologists have to know! Chemistry, anatomy, skin diseases and disorders, nail disorders. Those are just some of the subjects. It's a ton of material to study, and I did my best. There are different versions of the test, and you are not sure which one you will get. So you literally have to just study everything. I had a ton of nail questions on my test, which is not my best subject at all. I left that part of the test thinking there was no way on earth I passed. I'd be lucky to pass 1 portion. I called Jimmy and started crying, not sure what else to do.

The worst part about all of this is then you have to wait 2 hours for them to tell you your results. So we all just waited, and waited and waited. Maybe the waiting is not the worst part of the experience. Because the way they tell you if you passed is pretty awful to. All 32 people went back into a room. A man walked in with a stack of papers and said he was going to call the people with licenses first. And he just starts randomly calling names. He called the first few names. I was willing him to call mine. Praying, using Jedi mind tricks, anything. He kept calling names that were not mine. And calling them. Girls got up all around me to get their licenses, excited and giddy. I just sat there with my stomach in a knot. Until he did call my name. Yay!!!!!!

I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I might have started crying then a little bit too. I'm a crier, it's just who I am. Especially when I've had no sleep and when there was so much weighing on me passing this test.

Before I took the test I kept telling myself it wasn't a big deal if I didn't pass. I could just re take it. But it would've been a big deal. When all is said and done I spent $500 on that test and study materials. I worked my but off for 13 months in school, and our family made huge sacrifices so I could do that. All of the blood, sweat and tears was resting on this one five hour test. But I passed.

All four of us did. It was the best possible outcome and a perfect ending to the most nerve racking day of my life. I went to bed last night at 7:30pm ( no joke) and slept until 8am this morning. I put my license right in front of me, so it was the first thing I saw this morning. And it was a beautiful sight.

In case you are wondering, yes we were advised to wear all black. State Board is not a place you want to stand out, so wore black to just blend into the crowd.

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