Monday, February 11, 2013

Unchartered Waters

Greetings from sunny Arizona! Today was rainy with a high of 55 degrees...hmmm. I guess it does actually get cold here. Who knew?

The drive here went way better than I ever could have imagined. My wonderful friend Tessa drove out here with me, to help with Brynlee and Mitzie. I don't know what I would have done with her! We kept Mitzie in her carrier for the first 2 hours or so of the ride because she was pretty quiet. Every time we would go over a bump she would meow and remind me that she was still alive. We decided to let her out of the carrier. I did a test run of this earlier last week. I drove around town with her out of the carrier to see what she would do. She sat on the seat next to me and just kind of howled. On Saturday when we let her out of the carrier she went for the first warm lap she could find...Brynlee's! Brynlee was so happy to actually have Mitzie pay attention to her. Brynlee was even petting Mitzie against her fur, and Mitzie stayed put. Talk about desperation.

We are unpacking like crazy trying to put things together and get organized. This is by far my favorite part of moving. Not the actual packing part, but when things start to come together and become livable. Today it took me 45 min to get dressed because I couldn't find my clothes, it will be nice to not have to do that again tomorrow.

As of right now, I don't have a job. Well not a paying one. My current job is staying at home Mom. I've never had this job before. I'm going to look into some preschools for Brynlee out here, but not for a little bit. Jimmy will be working from home until his office gets a set up for him. So, all three of us will be home together all day long every day. I hope we don't all get sick of each other!

It's fun experiencing new things and being in a new place. I haven't been here long enough to get too home sick because it still feels like I'm here on vacation. Just on vacation with all my stuff. :)

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