Saturday, September 22, 2012

Getting it Together

I'm not what you would call an organized person. At all. I'm basically the opposite. I lose everything. I can't keep anything straight. I forget to return phone calls, emails, text messages. You name it. I try to remember important events, but sometimes I forget those too.

I didn't used to be this bad. But recently I feel like I'm moving from being a lovable ding dong to just plain flakey. And no one likes a flake.

I've tried several different things to keep organized. All have failed. Not to blame shift here, but Jimmy is just as bad as I am. So you put the two of us together and we are a mess.

It's like when I have a missed phone call, I usually see it at an inconvenient time. And I think, " Oh I'll call them back later". Then I forget and never call them back. Bad. I'm old fashioned in that I think it's rude to be on your phone all the time. Sorry if you are like that, but I don't like it. I don't answer my phone when I'm with a group of people. Like they want to hear my conversation. Or I'm not responding to my emails while hanging out with someone. I like give the people I'm with my full attention. They deserve it after all.

So, my time to correspond with people is somewhat limited. But I know that is a crappy excuse. I have a phone that can keep track of all sorts of things for me. But if I put an event in there I forget to check it.

My question is this. All those people out there who are organized, and who don't forget everything. How do you do it? What method works best for you? I really want to get it together. I feel like my forgetfulness sometimes hurts peoples feelings, and I really don't

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Audrey Spence said...

If its super duper important I set an alarm on my phone for it. My phone is always on me. Otherwise I write it on a calendar. It took me a while to get to that point. But I found writing it down helps me remember it and I just need to make sure I'm looking at my calendar. It's usually pretty bare. Most the stuff I have is the same every week. Girls volleyball is always mondays at 4 and our games are always thurs nights. Mutual is always wed night. Since I'm always doing the same it usually just becomes part of the daily routine. So when I write something on the bare calendar it stands out and catches my eye so then I look and see what it is. As far as phone calls and stuff... nobody ever calls. I rarely ever have to return a phone call. Most people will text me if they need something and that's something I can do easy and quick. I can hardly talk on the phone anyway because Charlotte thinks when I get on the phone she should start asking for a million things very loudly :) It'll take time to figure out what works for you but I always find a routine is best and for me writing stuff down. I always write things on sticky notes when I think of something I have to do or get. Otherwise I totally forget. Good luck!