Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day of Firsts

We have moved out to the senior floor at school. It's terrifying! But so much fun at the same time. We had our stations assigned to us, and I was lucky enough to get a really good one. Yay!

I did my first real updo, on my own. Ta da!

No book. No instructions. No help. Just me. And a teasing comb. :)

Thursday they also shot a commercial for our school, so they warned us on Wed that we might be in it. We were told to make sure we all look good! I'm in a prime spot, and I'm now sitting next to a girl who is really pretty and really good. So I just had a feeling...and I was right. My teacher came by and wanted them to film me dong the above updo. Oh boy. I'm not good in these situations. As the camera crew was all up in my business I tried to act natural. And probably failed miserably. This commercial will be shown on our local TV channels as well as in our movie theaters. I'm not sure if they will use my footage. I guess we'll see. I better not be sitting in a movie and see myself pop up on the screen with a big old double chin or something though!

Thursday I also had my first real client. A manicure. I. Was. Petrified. And was not doing well at all. But the lady was old and really nice. I just kept her talking so she was too distracted to see how bad her nails looked. After several coats of polish and a top coat they did not look too bad. But she gave me a $1 tip. Yay! $1 on a $6 manicure is pretty good! I have my first $1 on my fridge. I should get a frame for it.

I also went to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn. At about 10:30 I was regretting my decision big time. As I sat exhausted in the freezing cold. But it was fun! And the movie was pretty good. The whole experience just reminded me of how annoying teenagers are though. Jeez. Was I ever that bad. They are so irritating. I tried to go to bed tonight at 8pm to catch up on sleep. But now I sit awake at 1:30 am blogging schedule is all messed up. Good thing I'm off all of next week, with plenty of time to change it. :)

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sptalley said...

Yay for getting a tip! I like the updo too! Remember, you are more than welcome to come practice on my nails...I cant paint my own nails to save my life!