Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Way of the Future

I love to read. Have I said that before? :) Just checking. I go into a store like Borders and I could spend 5 hours in there. I find myself going there when I'm feeling blue and it perks me right up. I love the smell of the books, and the way they look in nice little categorized rows. I love everything about Borders, except the prices. I go through great lengths to avoid buying books (or anything really) there.

Sure I go there and look through all the merchandise. I pick out a book I want, and then I come home go onto Amazon and buy it. I guess I'm not the only one who does this because they are struggling to stay open. It seems Borders bleak future is accompanied by Barnes & Noble and Waldenbooks stores as well.

Long story short, pretty quick here we won't have any book stores left. And I am one of the millions of American's to blame. I don't want to pay Borders book prices, when I can go on Amazon and get the same book for $5 less. It makes no sense for me to shop at Borders. But it doesn't mean I want it to go away. I guess I can't have it both ways. It makes me want to run over to Borders now and enjoy it while I have it!

As bookstores seem to be on they way out, I can't help but think that actual books are soon to follow. I'm old fashioned, so no Nooks or Kindles for me. Yet anyway.

I like the way a book feels in my hands. I like to look at how many pages I've read when I'm near the end and have that feeling of accomplishment. I like the way a brand new book smells, like it's hot off the press. A Nook can't give you that (unless they are making scented Nooks? Correct me if I'm wrong...)

I'm sure I'll end up getting one eventually, likely because I won't have a choice. Bookstores and actual books seem to be on the way out. I guess I either need to learn to adjust or find a new hobby!


Heather and Spencer said...

Is Borders closing? Just start saving some money now and when it does close and things start going on clearance, go and buy lots at those cheaper prices!

Julia Everts said...

I love your way of thinking and writing. You're so clever and funny. "Scented nooks." Haha. I don't LOVE to read, mainly cause i can't stay awake long enough no matter how amazing the book is, but i know how you feel. It will be a sad day when bookstores close.

racheyroy said...

Agreed on liking real books. And going to Boarders. That was Cory's and my first date. Boarders and Cold Stone and we do it a lot now.

We also both dream of someday having a wall to wall library. Books everywhere! It would be so sad to just have it all on some small thing. Not nearly as beautiful and satisfying. In my opinion. Oh and I love to look at how many pages I have read as well. Glad I am not the only one!

Liz Cuillard said...

Bordes isn't dead just yet, but the news says it's not looking good. They've had to close a bunch of stores due to low sales. They are like Blockbuster, half in the grave already. It's only a matter of time! :(

Jessica said...

My boyfriend and I just had this debate. He has a Kindle and loves it....and he tried to get me to throw away old books!!! It was horrible! I LOVE my books! I'm saving them for my kids! But he insists everyone will be on Kindles by the time my kids can read. =(

Audrey Spence said...

You should save your money and hit up the library. I'm not much of a reader because once I start a book I can't stop. I will put everything off and try to finish it asap. So I don't read anymore. Maybe when the kiddos get older and a little more self sufficient :) But we have a lot of people in our ward who go to the library all the time and they're big readers. I need to get me a library card up here but you have to bring all this info. One day I'll make the effort. Hopefully soon. Not sure if our local library is like this but the ones in SLC you can borrow movies and cds too. All for free!