Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Girls

How cute are these 2? Here they are helping me cook... or really just watching me cook. Brynlee isn't quite old enough and Mitzie has no thumbs so they aren't really much help at this point.

Brynlee's strange sleeping positions continue. I guess this is just a baby thing.

And well, Mitzie's sleeping positions are just as strange. She also enjoy's her daddy and me cuddle time.

Brynlee is just like one of the boys, enjoying the start of football season( don't ask about the sheet, it's a long story)

But she enjoys cuddling with her Mom just as much!

I love these two girls. And people thought my cat would get the boot once the baby came, hah!


Audrey Spence said...

So cute... love the one of Jimmy with your cat... I didn't know Jimmy had a heart for animals...hahahaha...j/k. She'll be into sports I'm sure. We just happened to have Charlotte during nba playoffs... actually my 1st night at the hospital the jazz played the lakers so the nurses were givin' me a hard time. Charlotte slept through many a playoff game at my parents. Little Brynlee is so cute... its funny cuz she kinda looks like the Brynlee that lives a few houses down from me they're just about 7-8 months apart. Oh and now I have to ask about the sheet. If there's a story it must be heard!

Megan said...

I love all your pictures!!!! Miss Brynlee is so cute and getting so big. And for a cat...yours is pretty cute! I am sure if I was a cat person I would love her. *smile*

racheyroy said...

jocelyn sleeps like that too! i will put her in her crib all bundled up, then she will arch her back and stretch her neck and grab the side of the crib. so funny.

love the cat pictures.