Thursday, June 19, 2014

And the Little One Said

We have a roller! Not an expert roller, but a back to front roller. Claire is on the move, and I got to witness it. I also got to see her first smile and here her laugh for the first time. Lucky me, perk of being a stay at home Mom.

Unfortunately now Claire is following in the foot steps of her big sister. She rolls from her back to her front, gets stuck, gets angry and yells for help. When I put her on the floor, leave the room and hear her yelling I know the exact position I'm going to find her in. Beached like a little whale.

It's exciting, yet shocking. Wasn't she just a newborn? Wasn't I just pregnant? Wasn't I just 20? Time is zooming by and I have no choice but to enjoy the ride.

Since it's thankful Thursday today I'm thankful for my hair. Yes my nesty, crazy messy hair. We have a love hate relationship but I'm thankful for it all the same. Crazy hair is better than no hair at all right?

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