Friday, August 23, 2013

Right at the Time

Ok so 2 blog entries in one day after I haven't blogged in like months. I little weird. I know. But I never know when I'm going to have the time or feel like blogging these days, so I'm taking advantage of this. In my defense the entry I posted earlier today I actually wrote earlier this week, I just forgot to publish it. Oops. Pregnancy brain is in full affect these days.

As I sat in the bath the other day I started thinking about cosmetology school. I can't believe it's almost been a year since I graduated! It's crazy. Looking back at it, that was such a fun time in my life. I loved it, and would love to go back for a little while. I miss all the girls there, and I miss having a clear goal to work towards.

I started thinking about my friend Brooke. I believe I first addressed her on the blog as "18 year old with no pen". Because on the first day of school she had no pen and had to bother mine. Who doesn't bring a pen on the first day of school? An 18 year old, that's who. Anyhow Brooke is actually 20 now, but was 18 at the time. She is beautiful, rich and carefree just starting out in life. And then there is me 10 years older. I've been around the block, have a family and bills and all sorts of worries. Looking at the 2 of us we were unlikely friends. But we were.

Fate put us together, as both our last names start with C. So we sat next to each other for 3 months everyday. She was so funny, she cracked up me up daily. She reminded me what it was like to just laugh all the time and be carefree. We did projects together, we ate lunch together. We even did a prom updo together which looked pretty good if I do say so myself. But I knew as my cosmetology school career ended, so would my friendship with Brooke. Outside of school we made no sense. School was our glue that held us together, and without that we just fell apart. Throw the fact that I live in another state in there and it's really tough. Besides a few random facebook messages and texts, I have no idea what she is doing now.

I think about how often this happens. With co workers, or people in classes. I remember in one of my geography classes I had a friend named Mike who was in his 50's. We sat together and did projects together. Talk about another unlikely pair. We also made no sense out of school.

It seems that some people are just a right friend at the right time.

I suck at keeping in touch. I know this. So part of this is my fault. After we fall out of touch I'm not good at getting back into it. But what was I going to do with Mike? Go hang out with him? Yeah....Totally just a friendship that made sense at school for the time being.

I should say that I do have some cosmetology friends that I actually keep in touch with. When I came into town we went to dinner and hung out. Next time I go to Simi Valley we'll do the same. But these are girls that I have more in common with. We make a little more sense, and fit together a little better.

I miss Brooke and how much fun she was. I hope she is still that much fun, and that life hasn't worn her down as happens to so many of us. I hope she is happy with what she is doing. I think I'll send her a message to check in. Just because we don't make sense as friends now doesn't mean we can't say hi once in a while.

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