Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some People Change

I've always been a afraid of confrontation. In fact I tend to be non confrontational to a fault. I'll do just about anything to avoid an incident. I hate it. It gets really frustrating for me, and I'm not sure what to do about it sometimes. I'm not sure what I'm so scared of. That people will not like me? That I'll say something I regret? That people will say I'm mean?

I realized something today. So what. So what if all those things happen? Sometimes you just need to have a confrontation. Today, I decided to act on it.

At school we all have areas we are supposed to clean. At the end of the day we break into clean up groups and sweep/wipe/empty/mop... it's never ending. You would be amazed at how dirty a cosmetology school gets. Anyhow, there are 4 people in my group. But only 3 people clean. Everyday, only 3 of this. The fourth person seems to think they do not have to participate in the clean up I guess. My encounters with this 4th person have not been great. She is not my favorite.

So, after about of month of only 3 of us cleaning, I decided it was time 4th person helped out. Usually I'll avoid situations like this and just stay quiet. But enough is enough. So I went to 4th person and asked her to help. She was happy to help... which I thought was weird. I'm sure 4th person went and talked a bunch of crap behind my back afterwards. She is 18 after all. But whatever. Really, who cares?

I felt empowered by my experience. Maybe next time I'll hit that confrontation head on. Or maybe not. But for today, I changed. And it was a nice change.

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