Monday, August 30, 2010

Out the Window

I seem to have picked up a terrible habit recently. I'm starting to take more pride in Brynee's appearance than my own. I realize I rush through getting myself ready, half heartedly throwing some clothes together and depending on the day putting some make up on.

I sprint through my routine so I can pick out a cute outfit for her complete with matching hair bow and perhaps feet accessories depending on the weather. A cute outfit that she proceeds to get some sort of bodily fluid on in about 5 min flat. Jimmy tried to dress her the other day, hair bow and all. How many men do you know that take the time to pick out a hair bow for their baby? Anyway, I waited until he wasn't looking and fixed her bow (because of course it wasn’t at the right spot on her head and not on the right side.) and changed her outfit to a "better" one.

Hmm... Something is wrong with this picture.

I've found Brynlee seems to be a lot more fun to dress than I am these days. I'm still holding strong to that notion that I will not buy any new clothes until I'm back to my old size. Safe to say there are no new clothes in my closet. At this point I just prefer putting effort into dressing my child rather than myself.

While my worry over my appearance has gone out the window a bit, I'm not to the point where I sit in my pj's all day not showered and hair a complete mess. Not yet anyway. And it would be easy to do since I work from home and don't really see anyone but my baby and cat. I don’t think it matters to them too much what I’m wearing.

If I give into the temptation to not get dressed everyday I'm just one step closer to being one of those ladies who goes out in public in a mumu and curlers. I must resist!


Heather and Spencer said...

Crap. I better start getting dressed more often because according to you, I am well on my way to mumu's and curlers! I admit I take more pride in Ry's appearance than my own...and he is a boy! Imagine if I had a girl. I go as far as having several different pairs of flips flops, play blue ones, nice-going out blue ones, brown leather get the idea. Spencer has also learned in the last 2 1/2 years to never dress Ry himself, and if he does, get my approval before taking him out in public!

Liz Cuillard said...

Ha ha Heather you are pregnant. You are allowed to not get dressed. I give you a pass. :)

Audrey Spence said...

I'm such a bum most days. I usually won't get ready until Charlotte's afternoon nap unless I have a reason to. Kinda sad. But I do clean in the morning so that's my excuse :)

Heather and Spencer said...

Liz, what was my excuse before I was pregnant?!? Thanks for the pass though!

racheyroy said...

My thoughts exactly on the not buying new clothes until i am back to my "original' size. i did however have to give in a bit because i was pulling my maternity pants up all the time. but with all my new found padding i don't have as much fun dressing up as i have dressing jocelyn up!