Monday, September 22, 2014

On the Hunt

Here we are again, job hunting I go!

For those of you haven't applied for a job in a long time you are really missing out! It's oodles of fun out there these days.

This is totally going to date me-but you guys all know I'm 30 so who cares. Remember when you actually went into a place to apply for a job? When you filled out a paper application, and handed it to a real live human being? Then, you waited patiently by your corded phone to hear back. Hopefully. Maybe.

Those where the days. Oh they are long gone now. Now, it's all online. Which is great if you are lazy. I mean I applied a ton of place this morning, and I'm still in my PJ's. But the personal touch is gone. So now my application will shoot into a pile of 10000000 others probably never to be seen again. Add in my availability and it will take an act of God to get me hired. And those are just the ones that don't have a crazy test with them.

Yes, a crazy test. If you want to work at Target ( Yes, I've applied there in recent years) you have to take a test. Not just any test. A serious test. I just applied at a grocery store type place. I consider myself fairly intelligent- and then I took the test. Vocabulary questions ( like words you get on the game Baulderdash, no joke), math word problems, impossible scenarios where you have no idea what kind of answer they want. These are all tests for people to get jobs that pay minimum wage. Seriously. I wish I was joking. Apparently in order to ring up groceries I need to know which word doesn't belong with the other 4 words. Who knew being a grocery clerk was so intense?  And you get 10 min to do all this....which runs out quickly let me tell you. I'm not expecting a call back from that place.

I went through all this when I was in hair school. I literally applied EVERYWHERE. I was rejected by pretty much everywhere. It's a bad day when you can't even get a job at Babies R Us. I went though this when I first moved here ( you remember the Supercuts saga). And now here we are again.  I forsee a lot more rejection in my future. But hopefully as a door is closing a window will open and I'll find a fit somewhere. Until then I'm feeling humbled. And on the hunt.

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