Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Than Just a Hair Cut

I have a hair appointment this Saturday, and I cannot wait. I wonder if everyone else gets so excited about getting their hair done.

To me it's like going to Disneyland. There is nothing like that feeling of leaving the hair dresser with perfectly groomed and clipped (in my case straightened) hair. When it comes down to it, she just gets my hair to do things that I cannot do (not for lack of trying or product).

Maybe part of it is that it's nice to be pampered.

I don't get massages, or manicures.

I do get my eyebrows done. But as my Mom who is my eyebrow buddy can assure you, burning hot wax ripping out hair is not exactly relaxing. Neither is the itching burning sensation my skin has for 3 days after I get them done. But once that all goes away they look pretty darn good! :)

I know when I get my hair done that I will feel good about myself that day, and I love that feeling. Being pregnant, it hasn't happened too often for me.

I've had about 1000 people ask me where pregnancy pictures are. I'll tell you, not here! I know pregnant women are beautiful. I'm not disagreeing with that.

I'm just saying that I don't feel too beautiful being pregnant. My ever expanding waist, combined with the rapidly rising scale is just the tip of the iceberg.

I've developed bags under my eyes that just don't seem to go away anymore. Rather than having a glow, my skin is pasty pasty white (to the effect that I've had people tell me how pale I am repeatedly).

Hearing things like "your face is filling out" and "I can't remember what it was like when you were skinny" do not help matters. No I'm not making that up; those are direct quotes from people (who will remain nameless).

I'm not complaining about these things. Growing a baby is hard work, and my body is doing a pretty good job I think. Especially based on what I've given it to work with during this pregnancy ( ie 10+ hour work days, little food nourishment in the beginning while I couldn't keep anything down, minimal exercise).

However she is 4 lbs 5oz already! So I'm growing her just fine. But it's understandable that this hard work is taking a bit of a toll on my appearance. So you can imagine how eager I am to get my picture taken at this time!

But with the help of my hair cut, and lots and lots of make up I'll take some pictures this weekend, hopefully ones that I feel comfortable showing everyone. Maybe some airbrushing will help matters. Anyone know how to photo shop?


Heather and Spencer said...

It amazes me the things people will say to pregnant women! I had a woman ask me if I was having twins, when I told her no, she had the guts to ask me if I was sure!!!!!!!!!! People can be so rude! I am willing to bet you look great...and a hair appointment will help how you feel about that too! I live for my hair appointments (the only thing I do for myself). I love the pampering, head massage, perfect hair, and all the compliments you get right after you get your hair is the best! Somehow it got even better after I had Ry! Would really love to see you (before your shower)! Keep up the good/hard work taking care of that baby girl!

Jessica said...

Try threading your eye brows. It's usually cheaper and doesn't involve hot wax on your face, so you won't have irritated skin afterwards. Just pretty brows.

Scott and Audrey said...

I know exactly how you feel. I was fat before I got pregnant so I just got fatter. I'm sure you look way better than I did! I bet you'll still look skinny when I see you and you'll be 2 weeks away from delivering! (hopefully 2 weeks away!)I never took pics cuz I felt so fat... maybe next time around. I'm getting in better shape now. I always felt blah. I would literally roll outta bed and throw on clothes then go to work. I'm sure I looked like crap every day. It is exciting to get your hair done though. I haven't had mine cut by a professional in 2 years or more I think. I'm jealous... I want my hair done so bad :( Have fun and enjoy a pamper Liz day!